Since the DID ecology launched limited NFT airdrops around the world , the popularity of the community has been rising again and again , which has aroused widespread attention from many institutions and capital in the circle . As the contract code of the DID ecology has passed the comprehensive review of the world-renowned audit institution “CertiK” , the call for launching DEX for asset interaction and value circulation has become more and more intense . After the contract deployment is completed and the pot is constructed , DID DAO representatives from nearly 20 countries and regions around the world voted and passed unanimously . The resolution will be listed on PancakeSwap in the near future.

a SAWP ecology built by DID DAO of the United States based on ETH-L2 public chain in 2023. It has the world’s advanced blockchain technology and has the most cutting-edge DeFi centralized financial thought through a unique governance mechanism. It is committed to Swap is the starting point to build an application ecology exclusive to DID. Developers can realize project development, project innovation, token transactions, and application aggregation of NFT transactions in the ecology, providing global users with more compliant, efficient, honest and fair, professional and high- quality advanced DEFI4.0 ecology .

DID expects to quickly accumulate 100,000+ users based on the self-built million-level USDT lp initial pot , through a series of decentralized , fair and just methods such as discarding certificates , code open source , and contract lock-ups , to contribute to the DID ecology 2.0 and the future The Metaverse system provides a series of solid guarantees such as asset interaction and scene interaction .

With the help of DEFI4.0 and the development of public chain technology, DID will use the online PancakeSwap as the basis for ecological construction, accelerate ecological circulation , build a community spontaneous ecology based on the concept of DIDDAO on a global scale , and gradually increase the number of Metaverse , WBE3, etc. Investment in the field to achieve multi-chain interoperability. It is planned to map all applications to the DID public chain after the public chain system matures , continuously expand application scenarios, lower the threshold of use, and provide global users with more convenient, high-performance, low-cost, and no differentiation. Encrypted asset financial services to realize the value flow of fair pricing of assets and instant settlement of transactions.

coming soon Pancake Swap ‘s DID will adhere to the development trend of innovation and integrated iteration , commend the consensus of users with value , and strive to become the value benchmark in the DEFI4.0 era . The future DID ecology will promote the innovation and development of digital industry value interaction , continuously develop and lead the development direction and trend of the industry , and create more high-quality assets and sustainable ecological value for users and upstream and downstream industries .

At present , DID has quickly accumulated more than 50,000+ users by virtue of its own perfect mechanism and double-increasing gameplay . DID ecology will also lead the new hotspot of DeFi 4.0+Dao+web3.0 , seek common ground while reserving differences in continuous innovation and reform, and share reasons with users The innovative changes brought about by technological iteration , stand in the wind and feel the power of the times together! Together with the majority of consensus people around the world , create a new height of DEFI value and build an economic community in the WEB3 era !

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