Introduction: In the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency landscape, YFX might not have garnered sufficient attention among the broader investor community. However, from a third-party perspective, we can uncover this project’s untapped potential, which could surpass the current market perception.

Team Background and Composition: YFX, as a platform dedicated to decentralized perpetual contract trading, boasts a team of explorers and financial professionals worldwide in the blockchain field. This diverse background empowers them to draw wisdom from different regions, striving to bring genuine innovation and excellence to the market.

Significance of Brand Philosophy: Beyond showcasing remarkable technical prowess, YFX’s unique brand philosophy is also its value proposition. Through the concept symbolized by the mathematical formula y=f(x), YFX underscores the indispensability of mathematics and code in the DeFi realm. This philosophy not only highlights the team’s insightful perspectives on decentralized finance but also underscores their high regard for technical reliability and user trust.

Evolution from Centralized to Decentralized: In 2018, the YFX team launched a centralized trading platform focusing on developing cryptographic derivatives. At that time, OKX and BitMex were the only two platforms supporting perpetual trading, apart from YFX. However, by 2020, as centralized exchanges experienced frequent disruptions and malicious manipulation affecting contract traders, YFX recognized the growing need for fund security and the desire for permissionless decentralized trading.

To address these concerns, YFX underwent team restructuring in 2020, incorporating DeFi developers, blockchain enthusiasts, and financial experts from various corners of the world to develop decentralized perpetual contracts collectively. This team has amassed extensive experience in the cryptocurrency investment sector.

Inspired by the success of Uniswap, the YFX team embarked on a thorough exploration of the potential of decentralized trading. They pondered how to implement leveraged derivatives in a decentralized network, overcoming challenges posed by network congestion, delays, and liquidation.

Ultimately, in January 2021, the YFX team migrated forex spread contracts to the blockchain using an automated market maker (AMM) model. They ingeniously introduced the PvPool mode, pioneering decentralized contract trading. This evolutionary journey witnessed the YFX team transitioning from a centralized trading platform to decentralized perpetual contracts, offering users cheaper and more accessible trading opportunities.

Technological Innovation and Forward-Thinking Insights: The YFX team’s forward-thinking insights and technological innovation are fully evident in their project. They introduced innovative trading mechanisms such as the direct trading settlement between Traders and LPs through the AMM model and the Chainlink centralized price feeding solution, ensuring real-time fairness of on-chain prices. Furthermore, unlike the multi-assets LP pools of mainstream products, their unique single-asset LP pool effectively avoids impermanent losses. While it’s yet to assess the superiority of these two LP pool types, YFX offers more choices for LP users in the current market environment. The YFX team’s innovative calculation methods also achieved zero slippage and zero price impact for BTC and ETH trades, providing users a smoother trading experience.

Trader-Friendly Features and Meticulous Design: Drawing on their rich experience in the traditional financial sector, the YFX team understands the significance of a user-friendly trading system. This understanding has resulted in their products excelling in user-friendliness. With the lowest 0.05% comprehensive transaction fees in this industry, a fixed 0.5% maintenance margin rate regardless of position size, and leverage of up to 100x, YFX demonstrates its commitment to creating a more convenient and flexible trading environment for traders. Moreover, YFX supports market and limit orders, as well as one-way and hedge position modes, adding unique features to the decentralized derivatives market.

Enhanced Security and Migration to Layer2: In terms of security, YFX’s product has endured nearly three years without any attack-induced losses or liquidation losses, having undergone a CertiK security audit. All smart contract code is publicly available on GitHub, along with the disclosure of all smart contract addresses, reflecting their unwavering focus and commitment. Recently, YFX migrated its V3 version to Arbitrum, moving away from previous public chains such as BSC, xDai, and Tron. As an ETH Layer2 solution, Arbitrum offers greater security and faster block speeds. Collaborating with projects like zkSync, Optimistic Rollup (OP), and BASE will enable YFX to deploy on more Layer2 networks, enhancing the system’s scalability and performance.

Undervalued Investment Opportunity: Despite YFX’s impressive technical capabilities and team strength, factors like the choice of public chains have limited the project’s exposure in the market. However, this might present a unique opportunity for investors, as the market might grossly underestimate YFX’s value. In the ever-evolving and innovative cryptocurrency market, YFX is poised to make a bigger splash with its technical innovation, team experience, and passion for decentralized finance. Investors have a reason to shift their focus to this undiscovered treasure trove, as it could potentially reveal broader market prospects in the future.

Conclusion: From an outsider’s perspective, YFX’s market potential remains underappreciated. Despite maintaining a relatively low profile on the surface, the project exhibits great potential for making waves in the future cryptocurrency market, driven by its technological innovation, team experience, and belief in decentralized finance. For investors, focusing on this undiscovered value could yield extraordinary returns, as YFX has the potential to unlock broader market horizons in the future.







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